The Vegan Superhero Academy

The Vegan Superhero Academy

How I've accomplished my fitness goals through The Vegan Superhero Academy.

In 2020 after COVID hit and my gym closed, I decided to look for an online fitness academy to help me get in better shape. I had been going to the gym consistently for a few years. I felt that I needed help to get to my fitness goals.

After some searching, I found The Vegan Superhero Academy. I’m really happy I did. I completed their 90 day fitness academy and got great results.

One of the biggest takeaways I got was helping me to eat properly to accomplish my goals. Before The Vegan Superhero Academy, I had never tracked my macros such as protein. I had counted calories before and had always cut my calories too much on previous diets.

The Vegan Superhero Academy
The Vegan Superhero Academy

The Vegan Superhero Academy taught me about shredding and bulking. I completed a shred about a month after finishing the academy. I then maintained for a month or so and then started bulking. I just completed bulking and have started to shred again. If you don’t know what shredding and bulking are, check back soon for an article I will be writing.

I’ve made really great progress on my fitness since finding The Vegan Superhero Academy. Luckily, after my gym closed, I was able to buy a weight bench and some weights off Facebook Marketplace and that has helped a lot too.

I highly recommend and endorse The Vegan Superhero Academy. Would you like to learn more about The Vegan Superhero Academy and my experience? Contact me for all the details.

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