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FitVegan.Life is brought to you by David Lampe, a vegan into fitness, health, compassion and living a FitVegan.Life. This website documents my story from being a fat, unhealthy meat eater to a fit, healthy vegan. You will find tips on fitness, health, and how to be a more compassionate human being. My goal is to help people live a healthy lifestyle. If I can motivate even one person to be more fit, healthy, and become vegan I will be happy!


I’ve been into fitness for several years but have become more fitness oriented since becoming vegan. My personal fitness goal is to build muscle and keep my body fat percentage low as I get older so that I can live an active lifestyle well into my senior years. Learn about fitness equipment, exercise tips, shredding, bulking, vegan protein to build muscles, fitness resources and more.


A vegan diet will put you on the path to health for the rest of your life. Learn new vegan recipes, great sources of vegan protein, essential kitchen equipment, meal preparation and more to help you live a healthy vegan lifestyle.


I became vegan for many reasons. Health and compassion to animals were two of my primary reasons. I love animals and hate to see them suffering and mistreated. I love my dog and the dogs I’ve had that have passed away. It’s obvious to me that all animals have feelings, love to play, and want to avoid pain and suffering. I can’t love my dog and support the meat and dairy industries that cause so much pain, suffering and the killing of billions of animals every year.

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