One of the primary reasons I became vegan was that I can no longer support animal cruelty. Why do we treat one animal differently than another? They are all beings and they all have feelings. All you need to do to realize animals have feelings is spend some time with them or watch some films of animals playing and socializing together. There are numerous documentaries that show how incredibly horrible animals are treated in the meat and dairy industries. I link to some of these documentaries below in the resources section. There are some of these documentaries that are so horrible I can’t even bring myself to watch them. 

Vegan Compassion


If we could all be vegan, we could end hunger. We could produce enough food for everyone on earth if we switch to agriculture that produces food for people instead of feed for livestock. Join me in becoming vegan so that all humans can have enough to eat.


Since becoming vegan I’ve learned that the beef industry is one of the most destructive industries on earth. The primary driver of deforestation around the world is to clear land to raise cattle. The loss of forests combined with the methane release by cows is a big cause of global climate change. If everyone in the world were vegan, we could save our planet.

The Future

The single biggest change humans could make today to save the planet for future generations would be for everyone to become vegan. Let’s help to end global climate change, end hunger, and treat animals with kindness and the love they deserve.

Resources to help you become a compassionate vegan